Decades of experience and specialist expertise afforded to each and every client

Having two founders rather than one increases the odds of success.

We support clients by fulfilling board functions and demonstrating the business is not a ‘one-man-band’.  Indeed, research shows startups with two founders raise 30% more capital and enjoy more than 3X user growth.

Passion for the business will get entrepreneurs through the difficult times.

We share that passion for developing concepts, establishing businesses and growing revenues.

what we offer

Professional, specialist and creative support services, delivered seamlessly.

Business Plans

SolutionsHub's expert business planners have drafted business plans for investors, business guidelines and regulators across many sectors.

Concept Development

One of the most exciting times in the lifecycle of any business is the pre-money, concept development stage. We get excited helping clients develop ideas from scribbles on napkins to operational, revenue generating businesses.


Don’t be sold a with a ‘Ferrari without and engine’. Our design team can walk you through the pitfalls of most outsourced websites.

financial forecasts

Financial forecasts should not be a best guess, specially with the amount of data publicly available in modern times. Robust forecasts can be a true and accurate vision for the businesses.

competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an essential part of startup and ongoing strategy. Objectivity and skilled researchers are essential. This is where we excel and add real value to the process, ensuring conclusions can be upheld if challenged.

Pitch Decks

A pitch deck should be exciting. Our team creates pitch decks from an investor perspective; precise, engaging and covering all key criteria. 

business continuity plans

As a minimum, businesses need to identify risks and how to mitigate them as much as possible. Our business planning exerts are excellent at identifying and mitigating risks across a vast array of business sectors.

aml/cft manuals

AML/CFT Compliance Programmes are essential for eGaming, Blockchain and FinTech businesses and assist legislators and policy makers develop practical, appropriate regulatory frameworks, in consultation with the sector.

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