May 25, 2016


Customer Services

Outsourced customer service is a great way to keep overheads low while in the startup phase. We have access to centres of excellence in the UK and Philippines. These centres can provide top level tailored support, with scaled fees, ensuring charges are only levied when services are enjoyed.

Website Development

We have a number of partners who can assist with development of an exceptional website, at an attractive fixed fee price, discounted for our customers.

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Payment Services

While assisting develop the billing strategy ­­, our network of payment service providers is extended to clients ensuring. These regulated companies facilitate payments all over the world, ensuring maximum engagement through the preferential platforms in each market.

Corporate Solutions

Our team has a vast knowledge of the corporate services industry and can add valuable insight into how to engage in beneficial corporate structuring, especially in markets where clients may be entering for the first time. This is especially useful where there are cultural differences to conducting business arrangements and significantly different legal systems.

As we strategize the corporate structuring element to the business we can make introductions to local tax and corporate specialists.

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