We provide expert strategic design and execution of ICO’s.

Based in the Isle of Man, we are here to help you design and execute successful presales and ICO’s. The invaluable experience we’ve gained allows us to build better strategies and successful execution for our clients.

It is imperative that any ICO engages with regulation and does not ignore, or circumvent it. This includes ensuring tokens are sold to those jurisdictions it is legal to do so, automated verification of purchasers to ensure compliance with international Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing (“AML/CFT”) standards, accounting properly for cross-boarder transactions, utilising the best corporate vehicles for the individual project, protecting user-data and utilising said data.

As numerous ICO’s are now proving, it is possible to have a fully subscribed token sale when taking appropriate due diligence measures. Mistakes in this area carry enormous personal risk to you as unverified source of funds leads to significant money laundering and terrorist financing risks that is a criminal activity, punishable by a significant custodial sentence. Similarly, data misuse, leakage and/or breaches carries disproportionately extreme penalties. Ensuring that the contractual relationships between parties permit the transfer of token purchasers personal details is the best way to avoids potential fines of up to 5x turnover, or up to €20M, whichever is higher.

Ensuring the legal integrity of the ICO  with international and domestic AML/CFT, data protection, corporate structuring and contractual requirements significantly reduces the risks of receiving the proceeds of crime / terrorism (a criminal offence, punishable by a custodial sentence), non-compliance with local company laws which will result in local authorities closing the Company, or Foundation, inability to obtain FIAT banking facilities to pay suppliers, staff etc., inability to obtain listing on premium cryptocurrency exchanges, and as has been happening recently, being delisted, vastly devaluing the tokens worth for holders.

what we offer

Tokenomics design

Review of the whitepaper and suggested edits

Preparation of Roadmap

Preparation of financial forecast

Provide guidance on the corporate structure

Scope project requirements

Develop KYC strategy (adhering to local legislation)

Work with all services providers as needed

Register with the FSA under the designated business act

Introduction to additional advisors

Introduction to a full range of ICO specialists / services providers and any useful contacts

Assist in obtaining banking services

Assist with generating sales through our syndicate network

Review all documents

Work with lawyers to produce the necessary services agreements / ICO offering

ICO reconciliation

White Papers

White papers are the backbone of every ICO and the foundation of a crypto project. Ensure that yours is relatable and comprehensive.

financial forecasts

Financial forecasts should not be a best guess, specially with the amount of data publicly available in modern times. Robust forecasts can be a true and accurate vision for the businesses.

Designated Business Act

A Designated Business Act registration provides value for token purchases and issuers by ensuring compliance to international AML/CFT standards and protecting against future delisting.

Concept Development

One of the most exciting times in the lifecycle of any business is the pre-money, concept development stage. We get excited helping clients develop ideas from scribbles on napkins to operational, revenue generating businesses.

competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is an essential part of startup and ongoing strategy. Objectivity and skilled researchers are essential. This is where we excel and add real value to the process, ensuring conclusions can be upheld if challenged.

business continuity plans

As a minimum, businesses need to identify risks and how to mitigate them as much as possible. Our business planning exerts are excellent at identifying and mitigating risks across a vast array of business sectors.

BTC Learning Centre

Bitcoin is a revolutionary system that is quite complex and has a high learning curve. Make sure you have a decent grasp of the system before you store a significant amount of value in it.  

aml/cft manuals

AML/CFT Compliance Programmes are essential for eGaming, Blockchain and FinTech businesses and assist legislators and policy makers develop practical, appropriate regulatory frameworks, in consultation with the sector.

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