Well written, consistent and compelling 

SolutionsHub clients have found that, there are many consultants and freelancers in the marketplace who would be happy to engage with them to understand the business and draft a reasonable business plan, financial forecast, etc. The issue is that, this approach adds no real value, as these services are purely copywriting and data entry.

Bespoke Solutions

We engage with our clients to create the business plan based on their goals and resources, meaning their final business plan is as close to reality as a pre-revenue business plan can be.


From our experience, we know that investors of every kind expect to see a well drafted, considered and compelling business plan, which clearly sets out the proposition and how it will be achieved.

Value Add

We don’t just take what our clients say and commit that to paper. We challenge assumptions, advise on accounting and administrative processes, offer advice on the model and introduce third parties service providers that may support the business and assist customer engagement.

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