SolutionsHub is an expert business development agency and strategic partner of startups. SolutionsHub was founded in June 2016 by Lee Hills, a fiduciary professional with vast expertise in global corporate structuring.

In 2009 Lee began a very successful period of providing bespoke consultancy and leading multi-jurisdictional licensing services to the eGaming sector. Subsequently Lee has widened the scope of technology expertise in the Blockchain and FinTech sectors.

As well as the internal expertise within SolutionsHub’s team, our clients are afforded the strategic relationships with experts in key support services, we have arranged for them.

Many strategic partners are afforded to our clients seamlessly, within package offerings. For other organisations where this is not possible, we have arranged for exclusive preferential pricing for SolutionsHub clients.

Consultancy Start-up of the Year 2017

The team are very proud winners of the prestigious award

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