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Concept Development

Concept development is one of the most enjoyable parts of our contribution to any new venture. We are happy to receive and advise on presentations, plans, decks, or even one line emails. Every successful business started as an idea, but it is not the strength of the idea that ensures success, it is the development of that idea into a viable business model. Our advisory team puts passion, expertise and experience into every engagement, regardless of stage, or remuneration.

Our process is flexible, but it always starts the same way; we gain an understanding the vision from the creator’s perspective. To best advise we need to understand what the creator wants to get out of the business. Some businesses are established purely for profit, others for community benefit, but often somewhere in between. It is especially important to understand the personal circumstances of a founder and that they need from a business so we can design an appropriate funding model.


Business Plan Completion
SolutionsHub were engaged to complete a business plan and financial forecasts for a pre-money freelancer and on-demand-service platform, as well as assist with preferential investment documentation.
Lead Advisors Project Managers
Token Partners was engaged to design and execute all aspects of the token sale including engaging the development team, advising of legitimate token features, Designated Business Act registration, arranging an independent Trustee, white paper analysis and editing, designing the PR and marketing campaign and promoting the token to exchanges.
Company Purchase Review
SolutionsHub were engaged to review business purchase documentation, including proposed mechanisms to integrate the target business.


Strategic Advice

We provide advice and guidance to all clients, strategizing solutions at every stage of the businesses lifecycle. We treat our clients as partners, utilizing our expertise and experience during all engagements, regardless of monetary value, to afford each new venture the best platform for success.

Global Connections

SolutionsHub was founded by fiduciary and telecommunications experts with decades of experience in offshore financial centres. Their global connections with banks, payment service providers, fiduciaries, regulators and various support outsourcing businesses, are afforded to all SolutionsHub clients. This includes valuable insight into how to engage in beneficial corporate structuring, especially in markets that clients are entering for the first time.

Flexible Engagement

All first consultations are free-of-charge. Ongoing development can be completed on a fixed fee basis, or with an affordable monthly retainer. We also offer packages tailored to suit specific business needs. As well as the monetary saving of each package, it also allows us to ensure the suite of documents knit together in such a way that each document is independently sound, but also corroborates the assumptions and statements made in others, resulting in a consistent, impressive suite of documents.

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